Security Guards in Rockland NY

Finding companies that offer security guard services in sophisticated regions like Rockland, New York should not be a daunting task as there are several of them in the market. However, not every security agency you come across can meet your needs.

Some companies have limited capacity while others are simply unreliable. It is very important to carefully go through your options before considering any security guard Rockland NY companies offer. Aspects of reputation, business credibility and license, experience and capacity are all important when contracting security services.

Private Defense Security is one of the highly reputed security guard companies in Rockland, NY that provides licensed armed guards in Rockland.

Why choose Private Defense Security?

As mentioned before, you should evaluate all aspects before hiring any security guard company Rockland NY offers. This includes its capacity to meet your unique security needs. Private Defense Security is a renowned security guard company not only in Rockland, but all across New York. The company offers armed and unarmed security guard services that cover any possible security needs including:

  • Workplace violence
  • Corporate functions and events
  • Personal security bodyguard
  • Private parties, weddings and reunions
  • Fire watch and loss prevention
  • Concierge and doorman security guards
  • Presidential security
  • VIP protection and movie set security
  • Estate security
  • Drive patrol and background checks

There are several other areas covered by the services including corporate and private security needs. We are the company to hire if you want to hold a peaceful fundraising, maintain sober tempers during indoor parties or even enjoy a carefree corporate retreat. We cover the entire range of security needs all the way from mall and movie theatre security guards to aggressive presidential guard units.

Trained licensed security guards

Private Defense Security may cover all your security needs, but this is not what makes us a better candidate for the job. Our company has some of the most skillful armed guards Rockland NY has to offer. All guards are trained on how to use firearms, paper sprays and batons.

Our security guards are also qualified for the respective security needs they are assigned to, and have undergone professional training to ensure they surpass the standard requirements. In order to maintain consistency and reliability, each service rendered is personalized and customized for the client.

There are several other reasons why Private Defense Security is the ideal security guard company Rockland NY has for its residents. We provide a responsive team of law enforcement personnel and use state-of-the-art methods that are quite effective. We also boast exceptional customer service that responds instantly to all inquiries.

We are one of the most reliable security guard services in Rockland NY. Contact us today for all your security needs.