Security Guards in Bronx

Here in the Bronx, our security guards from the Private Defense and Security team want to make you feel safe and protected at all costs. Whether it be simply walking to your car after a long day of shopping or needing some extra bodies to keep a crowd in place during the big game, our services can take the worry away from you so you can feel safe 100% of the time.

Our officers are trained for such emergencies such as: medical response, fire, severe weather, lock-down situations, power outages, and terrorism. No matter how intense the situation, our team of armed guards in Bronx are prepared to help you through. Every Bronx security guard hired are equipped with either marked or unmarked security vehicles with our 24/7/365 dispatch center and a tracking GPS system, as well as all the proper equipment a security guard would need in case of emergencies, including traffic control. Patrols are made by our supervisors and/or security professionals who have had significant police training.

Some of the jobs our Bronx security guards perform are: checking windows and doors of businesses or homes, disarming or arming alarms; escort employees to their cars after hours. Your safety is our utmost importance.

What are some events we can cover? We have provided protection for trade and fashion shows, private parties and weddings, and company parties in the heart of New York. We also have been asked to send security to movie theatres and malls during heightened customer attendance, such as Black Friday or movie premieres. Our presence not only keeps your businesses in line, but help create a safe environment for the public visiting. Seeing us brings a sense of peace.

Another service our Bronx security guard company provides is security to nursing homes. It’s not a mystery that most issues in nursing homes happen after hours when administration has gone home for the night. That’s where we step in. Having an officer present cuts down on any unwanted activity that might occur, such as a patient who is agitated and violent, illegal drugs found on the property, or a theft has been reported to the staff. We are there for the patient as well as the staff.

For senior living communities we also serve as patrol officers, checking the property, walking the community, and keeping a neighborhood watch quality alive and well. Visible patrol officers both keep peace in the residents as well as deters theft and vandalism from happening, as well as any other crimes that could be committed. We don’t want your home to be on the front page of the newspaper.

And for those visited the Bronx, we provide services to many hotels in the area, making sure your home away from home is safe and sound.