Neighborhood Watch & Crime Prevention Service
Private Defense Security Service’s well-trained security guards form the basis of your New York neighborhood watch program. Our management works with local law enforcement, community leaders, elected officials and local community boards, to create security solutions that are a seamless fit for your neighborhood. We can provide trained security professionals to serve as armed or unarmed guards for your patrols and monitoring. In keeping with local laws, our guards can be dressed in standard security uniform, or customized uniforms modified to your specifications. We select and assign officers who speak the languages of the residents of your neighborhood, helping to avoid the possibility of tragic misunderstandings. We make it a priority to find the best match for your community neighborhood right from the start so you can benefit from the comfort, trust and security engendered by a consistent presence of the same personnel over the long term.
If your neighborhood watch involves a larger area, we can provide marked vehicles for patrol officers, saving you the expense and liability of purchasing and maintaining the patrol vehicles.
Retail Stores & Shopping Malls
Retail security priorities include providing a safe environment for both shoppers and employees and reducing shrinkage resulting from pilferage and shoplifting. Shoplifters and dishonest employees have become increasingly savvy, making it more challenging than ever to create effective retail loss prevention strategies.
When your shopping center or retail store is protected by us, we work with you to understand your unique needs, risks, vulnerabilities, and expectations. We cooperate with your asset protection associates to develop specialized loss prevention programs to help you identify the source of your losses, minimize exposure to those factors, and identify the suspected perpetrators. We may deploy secret shoppers in addition to our licensed agents and technology, to directly observe employee behaviors.
Our agents are thoroughly screened for excellent communication and interpersonal skills and trained in conflict resolution. We provide multi-lingual and CPR/AED certified officers as needed. All of our agents are taught the proper protocol for a wide variety of emergency situations that include fire, severe weather, lock down situations, power outage and acts of terrorism, which makes our programs among the most complete and thorough shopping center and retail store security packages available.Movie Theaters
During peak movie times you may have additional needs or services. We can provide you with visible armed officers patrolling your theatres during peak weekend times. We can also provide entry screening for those instances where you feel a more secure environment is necessary. The visual presence allows parents and children an extra level of comfort and will eliminate the fear factor of going to a “public theatre”.